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Rust converter to treat rusted steel as passivator and long-term rust inhibiting Treatment.

Aquatan Environmental Rust Treatment

Aquatan Environmental Rust Treatment

Rust converter to treat rusted steel as passivator and long-term rust inhibiting Treatment

Description / Uses
• Neutralises the corrosion process
• Reacts quickly with the rust and transforms iron oxides into stable insoluble blue-black metallo-organic complex inert surface
• Effects a thorough chemical passivation of substrate making it a sound base for application of subsequent coating systems
• Gives a water insoluble hydrophobic film
• Is an excellent adhesion promoter for subsequent paint or coating systems
• Only minimum surface preparation required. Degrease, remove loose rust flakes/scales with brush or sandpaper, etc. Wash off salt, oil and chemicals
• Can be easily applied by brush, roller or spray. 1 Litre covers approximately 20 sq mtrs
• Reaction time required – 3 hours
• To be applied to damp rusted surfaces
• Gives you cost-effective corrosion control and long-term protection qualities
• Aquatan is compatible with most usual paint types and coating systems, alkyd systems, modified alkyds, epoxies, chlorinated rubber, polyurethanes, vinyls and the new water- based paint systems
• Has proven particularly effective for treatment and protection of military tank decks where it is ineffective to use a conventional coating. Due to its penetrative properties it will achieve particularly deep and long term results.
For a rust converter which includes a primer use Aquasteel – see Product No. 28

Available 25 litres & 5 litres (packed 4 x 5)
NSN J200 6850-99-212-8492 Product Ref. 0025