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cleaning diesel engine air coolers

Air Cooler Cleaner / ACC

Air Cooler Cleaner / ACC

Air Cooler Cleaner is a solvent based product used for cleaning diesel engine air coolers.
Efficient and economical the product has been formulated to remove carbon deposits and oil and grease deposits. Ideal for in service cleaning the product helps to maintain air cooler efficiency.

In service cleaning
A solution of 2 parts fresh water to one part Air Cooler Cleaner should be injected into the air cooler followed by a solution of fresh water to flush out the chemical residues. The solution should be used freshly made up.

Air Cooler Cleaner can be used to by flooding the cooler in a bath. After allowing to soak for 2 hours drain off and flush with water. When in water solution the product is non flammable, non explosive and has no flash point.
Aquamarine offers a range of injection systems designed for ease of operation. Air Cooler Cleaner can also be used for carbon removal from machinery parts.

25 litre pack size Product Ref. 012B
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