Cleaning & Maintenance

crankshaftAquamarine Cleaning & Maintenance Products for commercial ships

Fast-acting, efficient & proven cleaning products are paramount in any ship cleaning operation and the knowledge that we are preserving our oceans in the process of carrying out our everyday work within the Commercial Shipping Industry.

The Environment

We have a policy for using the most effective, safe and environmentally acceptable products throughout our product range, meeting the stringent rules now governing both on-board use, residue control and legislation around IMO,  REACH and BPR regulations.




Cleaning Solutions – Engine to Cabin

We offer Cleaning solutions for deck, engine-room, cargo tank cleaning, oil tank cleaning, boilers, engines, systems, galley, Rust Converter Treatments, fresh water saftey Plans  and Super-chlorination and sanitising products.

Training Posters, Comparison Guides, Training, Cloud Electronic monitoring, test equipment, dosing equipment.


Aquamarine is on hand with technical help and advice for all applications

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