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Keeps systems clear in vacuum and sizeable toilet systems.

Bio-Vac Enzyme System Cleaner

Bio-Vac Enzyme System Cleaner

Aquamarine Bio-Vac is an advanced enzyme based product designed to keep systems clear in vacuum and sizeable toilet systems. The product is especially designed for ships where there are large numbers of crew or personnel for example cruise or military ships.
This Product is designed specifically for eliminating the build-up of Uric Acid caused by urine stone and limestone which can cause total pipe blockage and is not removed by conventional enzyme cleaners. It will especially deal with unsightly stains and unpleasant
and toxic odours.
Unlike a conventional phosphoric acid for scale treatment it will not cause a “sieve” leakage effect on old systems. Containing a naturally biodegradable surfactant package and a pleasant fragrance, It will work at the scale build-up which will eventually be released by natural flushing of the system over a long period (up to18 months) The important key to the success of the product is to stop the new build-up of scale and uric acid from a clean system.

Bio Vac Enzyme System Cleaner Bio Vac Enzyme System Cleaner









The product is supplied in pre-dilute form ready-to-use. 10m (may be easily measured by using the bottle dispensing system) of product should be used daily per toilet. This gives a controlled dose, thus ensuring that adequate product is used for maximum protection and at the same time eliminates unnecessary use of the product.
• Bio-vac will gradually release enzymes, which will form a bio-film throughout the system degrading existing build-up and preventing the adhesion of new solids and scale.
• Bio-vac will work on the bowl and pipes of the system. It must be dosed regularly to achieve the required results. Enzymes cause a biological reaction and it is imperative that the system is kept biologically active by continuous dosing.
• Bio-Vac is designed to be used in conjunction with Aquamarine Enzyme Toilet Powder which is especially suitable for Hamworthy and other effluent plant.
• The powder is used specifically to deal with the effluent tank. A separate data sheet is available for this product.

1 Litre (packed 12 x 1Ltr)
NSN J150 6840-99-226-6548 Product Ref. 0021