Ship Cleaning & Maintenance

AquamAquamarine Brochure 2016 2017arine takes great care in providing the best Marine Chemical Products available, with the least impact on the environment, handling and transport and with full regard to the safety of the user.

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Aquawash – Multi-use degreaser

Safe & Ocean-Friendly cleaner.

  • Fast Acting & Multi-Application.
  •  Specially developed for tank cleaning,
  • hold cleaning,
  • engine room,
  • deck,
  • bulkhead.

Also suitable for: Coal dust removal prior to grain, Carbon residues, Galley, accommodation, overall washing, fabric,  pre-wash prior to Aquasteel Rust Converter, ultrasonic tanks and more….




Vegetable Oils

Fish Oils

Animal oils


Coal Dust Cleaning

Mineral Oils