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Providing the best 'Marine Chemical Products' available


Aquamarine takes great care in providing the best Marine Chemical Products available, with the least impact on the environment, handling and transport and with full regard to the safety of the user.

Aquamarine Shipcare Product Range

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Shipsan®  Galley Hygiene Products Schedules, Charts, Training & Cleaning Programmes

Food Hygiene 1 150x150 Products

Hygiene Focus.  We offer a full programme of  effective hygiene products for cleaning and for maintaining a high standard on board for the crew, minimising infection and disease on board in living accommodation and water systems where cleanliness is of paramount importance.

Our marine Sterilant and Disinfectant Shipsan® removes bio-film, is faster acting than traditional products, has a wider kill spectrum and is safer and easier to use.  Visit www.shipsan.co.uk  Shipsan®  Sterilants &  Disinfectants: BSEN 1276 | BSEN 13697 for Food & Water – No Alcohol, Kills all known pathogens including Norovirus, Salmonella, E.Coli, MRSA, etc. 99.9999% Effective, Fast, Safe – Recommended for ship galley and food areas including for final stage sterilant. It can also be used in specific areas where hygiene is of special importance such as accommodation, sick bays, hospital areas, saunas and showers.

Supplied in 500ml fine spray bottles. (6 x 500ml per pack). Fast acting and economical in use.  Shipsan is also available for Potable Water applications.  Shipsan® REMOVES BIO-FILM


Carbon Residue Removal -Fast and Efficient!

20 seconds Products

Cargo Cleaning Focus.  Aquamarine was the first and original supply of Aquawash, the perfect solution for the removal of coal dust and residue from carbonacious cargos. A fantastic time saving product. Fast, efficient, cost-effective.  Full Info




Uric Scale Buster®

Fast Uric Scale and Calcium Scale Treatment

For Effective & Fast De-scaling of Black & Grey Water Lines, Tanks & Components.

Black and Grey Water Lines Focus: No more excuse for blocked and reduced bore pipes or  lay up or dry docking to remove pipe scale by traditional potentially hazardous and aggressive solutions such as diluted phosphoric or hydrochloric acid. Avoild collection and costly removal of the waste pipes and hazardous waste.  The new process will usually take as little time as  4 days to completely clear the pipes.

uric scale 150x150 Products


At  Sea Precautions:   Ongoing treatment of Uric Scale Buster at the usual shock dose level (neat) will kill the enzymes and bacteria in the bio reactor effluent plant thus you will be required to either isolate the system  or empty the plant and re-start the system afterwards bearing in mind that it will take usually 4 days to clear the pipes with up to 15 – 25 mm of scale.

Full Details Download:  Uric Scale Buster