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Liquid Engine cooling water corrosion and scale inhibitor

Corrosion Controller CWT

Corrosion Controller CWT

Liquid Engine cooling water corrosion and scale inhibitor
Aquamarine Corrosion Controller is an easy to use liquid that inhibits electrolytic corrosion, cavitational corrosion and controls scale and sludge. It is also compatible with a wide range of hoses, gaskets and seals.
Aquamarine Corrosion Controller passivates metal surfaces and combines with sludges, scale and rust deposits to allow their gradual removal.
• Internal combustion engine and compressor cooling systems.
• Heat pump water systems.
• Recirculating cooling water systems.
• Hot water heating systems.
• Suitable for jacket water used in evaporator feed heaters.
• Chilled water systems.
• Hot chilled water systems.
• Ice melting water systems.
• Compatible with Ethylene Glycol used as antifreeze.

Aquamarine Corrosion Controller should be fed directly by the bypass pot feeder to the main circulating line or into the cooling water expansion tank.
(For systems using totally de-ionised water raise nitrite levels to 1700 p.p.m. as corrosion is more likely.)
Control is based on nitrite concentration and additions should be made after
representative sampling. Aquamarine test kit is available for accurate checking.

Target = 1500 p.p.m.
Nitrite p.p.m. 0 500 1000 1500
Ltrs/1000 Ltrs make up 12.5 8.3 4.2 0
Target Parameters
pH Between 8.3 and 10
Nitrite 1500 p.p.m.
Chloride Less than 50 p.p.m.
Total Hardness CaCO3 Less than 100 p.p.m.
Note: Log sheets should be returned to Aquamarine by fax e.mail or post on a monthly basis for analysis – address details at front of brochure. Log sheets are supplied free of charge. A full report will be forwarded back by return with any comments or recommendations.