Marine Chemicals and Technical Support To Meet the Most Environmental and Regulated Demands of the Shipping Industry Today.

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Aqua Marine Chemicals

Aquamarine supplies the complete maintenance chemical package for all types of seagoing vessels. We provide IMO tank cleaning, test kits, lab testing, Bio-Products, Marine Cleaning and Maintenance products for grease trap, maintenance, bio-toilet & effluent plant products, uric scale removal and prevention. Our environmental marine cleaning solutions give Value-for-money, Best Practice innovation & on-going R&D programmes.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Environmental Cleaning solutions for Ships

Aquasteel Rust Converter

Aquasteel Rust Converter & Primer, setting the industry standard    

Test Kits & Equipment

Test Kits, monitoring & dosing equipment.

Technical Ship Products

Ship Engine, Boiler & Fresh Water Management

Featured Products

Tried and Tested Maritime Product Solutions

02May 2017

Free-Chlorine Colorometer Test Kit for Potable Water

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23Sep 2016

Potable Water/ Drinking Water Instruction/Training Posters

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23May 2016

Galley food Hygiene Training Poster

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Aquamarine Chemicals is a part of the Bayer-Wood Technologies Limited Group of companies, formed in 1992

Operating globally offering chemical products, test kits & chemical engineering support

We are ISO 9001 Certified & ISO 14000 accredited.





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